About us

We have over ten-year experience in working on operating office buildings, in shopping centers and cinemas. Broadly speaking we specialize in the fields of construction, electrical installations, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary industry.

Our team consists of  qualified project managers, cost estimators, construction workers and installers. We also have a big network of material suppliers and we enjoy long lasting relations with wholesalers.

Nothing is impossible for us. We can solve every problem and we are at our Investors’ disposal throughout the project.

Our office is located in the centre of Warsaw. Please visit us to discuss the planned realization. Together with the group of architects we can help you find the solution optimizing the costs of the project.

Please visit us to discuss the planned realization with a group of architects. On request we can help you find the solutions allowing to optimize the costs of the project.

Not only do we offer our assistance in realizing a complete construction process but especially we can also design, build and install all the needed furniture for your space.

 Let’s start cooperating.

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