If you decide for turnkey office finish we can offer you a wide range of services. You can combine them freely or you can opt for the comprehensive service if you do not wish to be a part of the complex and tiresome process of construction and coordination.

Each time the range of works is considered individually depending on the Client’s needs and specific conditions of the building. Every offer is tailor made to meet the needs of tenants, owners and  property managers of office buildings, shopping centres, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, shops or other retail and service areas. We offer:


  • Demolition works
  • All Services, installing and supplying materials: walls and various wall/ceiling linings, ceilings, painting and decorating, stoneware tiles, fitted carpets, pvc, doors, glass displays and partitions, sanitary appliances, lighting systems, logotypes and many others.
  • electrical, low voltage
  • LAN,
  • ventilation,
  • air-conditioning,
  • plumbing,
  • fire-protection etc.
  • furniture fittings, overtops, wall-mounted or free standing
  • reception desks,
  • display islands
  • fitted kitchen cabinets,
  • wardrobes
  • workstations etc.
Prace projektowe
  • space plany,
  • projekty wykonawcze/powykonawcze architektury oraz instalacji w tym również dokumentacja na potrzeby Certyfikacji LEED
  • inwentaryzacje powierzchni,
  • odtwarzanie dokumentacji budynkowej;
  • Opracowywanie księgi standardu budynku / Najemcy
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